The Farm

the citrus farm is a project that came to mind as I was planning out my 2023 year. Lately, I have been fascinated by the concept of digital gardens and saw an opportunity to use the concept here. This website is intended to be an ongoing garden of ideas, facts, and insights into my life.

The Name

I was really envious of people on Mastodon instances with really cute domain names so I thought long and hard about this domain name. I wanted something “cute” but also something that represented something about me. I’m really into oranges and other citruses so I thought fit all of the criteria and somehow the domain wasn’t claimed yet!

The Different Type of Posts

Technical Stuff

Layout: ver 2.0 - Grid

This layout is very different from the first layout. Very simple, big and bold. More geometric. It loses some of the “Neocities” feel and seems a bit more sharp and sophisticated. I am torn about this. I think this is great for readability but it almost loses character… But at the same time, it makes me want to write more stuff on the site.

You can see previous layouts here.