> the name

I was really envious of people on Mastodon instances with really cute domain names so I thought long and hard about this domain name. I wanted something "cute" but also something that represented something about me. I'm really into oranges and other citruses so I thought fit all of the criteria and somehow the domain wasn't claimed yet!

> Layout: ver 1.0 - A D V I C E

ADVICE is one of my favourite songs by Korean artist, TAEMIN. As of May 2021, the ADVICE EP has been out for a year and this is my homage to it. This layout features an image of a quick photoshop of a still from the Advice music video. If you notice, you can also see a still from the WANT music video, the WANT album cover, and the Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 album cover. I really like the dark couture looks Taemin has in his music videos.

This website is quite bare bones and simple. Mostly so that it would easily maintainable and because I don't want to deal with JavaScript.

This entire website has been hand coded with CSS, HTML, and PHP.

> Cute domain name, why the dark layout?

Because I wanted to! Gotta channel the Taemin Cancer duality vibes. (◡‿◡✿)