Week #6: 2023.04

Update on 110 Reading Challenge

I am partaking in a reading challenge that my local library is doing. So far I have read 55 hours. Which means I just read 10 hours this week. Better than last week! :) I got super absorbed in my reading this week. Admittedly, most of the reading happened on the weekend. I wish I could be more consistent on the weekdays with reading, however.

Books I Read

  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller: As a non-American, I feel like this was extremely interesting to read. It really hits home how foundational Puritanical culture was for America. It is very interesting how this was based on actual trials. Really one that I need a few days to process.

Books I’m Currently Reading

There are some books from last week that I’m still reading and some that I have picked up.

  • Norton Anthology of American Literature (Shorter Version) 6th. Edition by Nina Baym: We’re (still) slowly making our way through this book. I only read the first part of our readings. I still need the rest of them. Hopefully tonight!
  • Healing Rites by Mattea: I have made zero progress on this since last week. I will try to give it another shot this week but it might just be a DNF after all.
  • The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin (again): I signed up for a course with the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research that will cover The Dispossessed and it’s relation to anarchism. We already did one seminar and it was really good. I’m making it my goal to say at least one thing in each session. I am terrible with forming arguments and need practice with it…

A Month Retrospective

We’re already 4 weeks into 2023! The month went by quite fast. I am unsure about how I feel about this month. A lot of ups and downs this month. I think the best thing about this month is that I did not let the downs stay down and tried my best to pick it up again and pick it up fast.

THINKING About Joining #LoveHain

On the Fediverse, someone is running an Ursula K. Le Guin book club of sorts. I am absolutely booked for the month of February (they are reading Planet of Exile right now) but maybe I will join in March, when they start reading City of Illusions. I will 100% join in April, where the focus is on the book, The Left Hand of Darkness.

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